IT Managed Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how Cloud Cover IT can help your organisation with IT Managed Services


What does IT Managed Services mean?

When we discuss IT Managed Services, we are referring to outsourcing IT either in-part or fully. This can range from operating as your fully outsourced IT department, to providing supplementary support to your existing IT department. Our IT Managed Service solution is proven to allow for successful maintenance and management of IT estates. 

What is included in IT Managed Services?

We always work with customers closely to identify exactly what your needs are and how we can help, but broadly our IT Managed Service solutions include:

  •  IT Support - we have a team of 19 Engineers available to provide remote, and if required, onsite IT support to our clients
  • Helpdesk - our helpdesk team is available to help your team when facing IT issues. Simply log a support request via email, telephone or our website live chat, and our team will handle the rest

  • Proactive IT Systems Monitoring, Maintenance & Support - as part of our IT Managed Service solution we install the remote agent 'ConnectWise - Automate and Control' on managed devices. This monitors the health & performance of your systems and allows any issues to be picked up proactively. If any issues are identified, Cloud Cover IT is notified so they can quickly respond.

  • A Strategic Partner - Our core responsibility with any IT Managed Service solution is the provision of IT Support, but we consider ourselves a partner to all ITMS customers. That means we use our extensive skills, experience, and industry awareness to provide support and guidance where we can. 

What are the benefits of using IT Managed Services?

There are many benefits to using Cloud Cover IT's IT Managed Service solution, including:

  • Improved organisational performance - our clients experience improved efficiency and productivity, as allowing us to do what we do best, gives them more time to do what they do best
  • Cost-effective - we offer a fixed monthly cost, with no hidden fees
  • Experience - Cloud Cover IT has 10 years of experience, and a team of over 30 IT experts within the organisation. You can trust that your organisation is in safe hands with us
  • Security - As a technology service provider, cyber security is at the core of what we do and is always front of mind when working for our customers. 
  • Microsoft expertise - we are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have extensive knowledge in Microsoft solutions and services, including Microsoft365, Microsoft Power Platform, SharePoint development, and Teams apps. Our customers can therefore benefit from the capability of the Microsoft tech ecosystem. 
  • Added value - our brilliant Digital Transformation team create innovative IT solutions built to empower organisations. If interested, we can discuss what they can do for your company

Why are IT Managed Services required?

Having strong, reliable IT systems is essential to the success of every organisation. However, many organisations do not have the capacity to have an internal fully functioning IT department. By trusting us with to handle your IT services, you can be assured that you have the best possible system in place. 

My company already has an IT department, how can IT Managed Services help us?

We can provide a hybrid solution that involves us working alongside your existing IT department and providing supplementary support. We can provide general IT support so your team has time to focus on other important projects. Our team will build a strong working relationship with your current IT leadership to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal and resources are being utilised appropriately. 

Why should we choose Cloud Cover IT?

Here at Cloud Cover IT, we celebrate the human side of IT. We deliver first-class customer service, from our Sales Manager Owen who will be your point of contact, to our engineers who respond to helpdesk enquiries. We greatly value all of our clients and are committed to empowering them through technology, which we have now done for over 10 years. To put it simply, we do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.

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