Working from home?

hav2vpn provides a easily deployable and lightweight solution for the SME and Non-profit market. 

We understand working from home presents challenges and certain applications don't play nicely with remote-working. Our lightweight solution enables continued business productivity by ensuring you can access the applications you require remotely.
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Smart Innovation

Supported by Innovate UK 

Supported by Innovate UK, we understand that working from home has represented a real issue for SME and non-profits.

Utilising WireGuard servers, we can provide an interface to effectively manage users numbers in a remote setting, ensuring your business with an innovative solution and security for business continuity.

Easy set up

No hassle set up and configuration

The main goal of hav2vpn is to ensure it boost's business' performance whilst employees are working remotely. 

It connects with Microsoft Active Directory to ensure ease of configuration for your employees and the use of a secure network. As part of the administrator toolkit, you'll have access to a Smartdash board of connectivity reports and available resource within the platform.   


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